Ottawa Community Acupuncture acknowledges that its practice sits on the traditional and unceded territory of the Algonquin nation. We recognize their historical connection to this place and the many generations who have taken care of this land

Booking & Cancelling

At Ottawa Community Acupuncture, appointments can be made online, by phone, or by dropping into the studio in person. We aren't going to lie, online booking is our preference, but we get it isn't everyone's cup of tea. Our aim is for you to get here so you can get better - whatever the manner

Booking Your Treatment


In community acupuncture, we love the self-sufficiency of online booking. Jane, our rad and proudly Canadian scheduling software, is available 24-hours a day.


By make a patient profile with your email and a self-created password, you can log into the patient portal, always up-to-date with appointment availability and clinic hours, whenever you wish. Booking in more treatments? Doing a cancellation? It all happens here.

Walking In

We are keen to offer a walk-in option to our patients. 


We ask those walking in to have flexibility in their timing as on-time, pre-booked patients will be seen first. Some shifts may have a wait period while others may not - the ebb and flow of a studio shift is an ever-changing beast.


On shifts where the schedule is full, less walk-in patients can be accommodated. Until we buy more chairs, that is! 


Appointments can be made by telephone. Voicemails are answered outside of clinic hours ASAP.

We      On-Time Cancellations

Our Policy

Ottawa Community Acupuncture's missed appointment policy is very simple: once a patient has accumulated 

5 booked & missed appointments, they lose access to the online scheduling system and must walk in for their treatments. No re-sets.

We have this policy to keep the focus on what really matters to us: if we know you aren't coming, then someone else can. That way, it's a win for everyone: you, us, and your fellow patient community. Read more below on cancelling your appointments in good time.

Cancelling Online

Cancelling online through our booking system is a piece of cake, and you can do it anytime before your treatment starts without penalty. And by 'anytime', we truly mean ANYTIME. Two hours, forty minutes, it's all good. Just let us know.

Cancelling by Phone

When cancelling by phone, please do so 4 hours in advance of your scheduled treatment time. If you think you might not be able to make it, cover your bases and cancel in good time by voicemail.

What if I'm running late?

Lateness - we get it. It's something that happens regardless of our intentions. No need to call us to tell you you're running late. We already know! We see those arriving late as soon as possible based on the schedule. 

**We close 50 minutes after the last appointment of the shift. If you booked this slot and are running late, your treatment will be shortened depending on when you arrive.