Safety measures have been implemented at OCA to minimize transmission of COVID-19. With guidance from the Ministry of Health and our acupuncture governing body, we are committed to creating a safe space to continue providing affordable acupuncture care.

What We're Doing

How COVID-19 Spreads

Respiratory Droplet Transmission

Physical Distancing

Personal Protective Equipment

Surface & Object Transmission

Hand Hygiene

Surface Cleaning & Disinfection

  • Patients must bring their own face masks to appointments. 



  • We have increased the spacing between our recliners

  • Practitioners will be outfitted with surgical mask and a clinic uniform 

  • All patients must wash or sanitize their hands upon entry to studio space.

  • Daily cleaning of high-touch surfaces. Cleaning of studio in off-hours


  • Online intake forms for new patients to limit reception space occupancy


  • Credit and debit payments preferred. Exact cash payments only