Safety measures have been implemented at OCA to minimize transmission of COVID-19. With guidance from the Ministry of Health and our acupuncture governing body, we are committed to creating a safe space to continue providing affordable acupuncture care.

What We're Doing

How COVID-19 Spreads

Respiratory Droplet Transmission

Physical Distancing

Personal Protective Equipment

Surface & Object Transmission

Hand Hygiene

Surface Cleaning & Disinfection

  • Patients must bring their own face masks to appointments. 



  • We have increased the spacing between our recliners

  • Practitioners will be outfitted with surgical mask and a clinic uniform 

  • All patients must wash or sanitize their hands upon entry to studio space.

  • Daily cleaning of high-touch surfaces. Cleaning of studio in off-hours


  • Online intake forms for new patients to limit reception space occupancy


  • Credit and debit payments preferred. Exact cash payments only



What can I expect when I come for a treatment? How will all this work?


Upon arriving at 170 Booth, you’ll be asked to put on your mask. All patients needs to bring their own masks (non-medical kinds welcome) to their appointments and wear them during their session.

COVID-19 Symptom Screening

If you've already responded to the COVID-19 symptom screening questionnaire sent by our booking software, you'll head right in to the treatment space. If not, the acupuncturist will do the screening verbally.

Hand Hygiene

All patient must wash or sanitizer their hands upon entry to the studio.

Getting Seated

Head right to any (free!) blue-sheeted chair and stow your stuff on the empty top shelf. Behind the chair also works. We need to stand on either side of our chair while needling, so please keep that area clear.

Receiving Your Treatment

The practitioner will come over to do your intake . If you want to minimize practitioner proximity, feel free to email us your symptoms/health updates before your session so we can review them.

Tongue diagnosis has been suspended from practice. For pulse diagnosis, we’ll check in whether that works for you. No stress if it doesn’t. We can still do our thing.

Ending the Session & Payment

We will remove your needles at the end of your treatment and give you space to get up and gather your things

Debit & credit payments are preferred at this time. We will except cash payments if they are exact.

What if I come in and start feeling unsafe?

If you ever feel unsafe and want to leave, COVID-19 or not, this is always your choice. We support you in that to the moon and back. If you aren’t feeling okay, let us know, and those needles are out the moment you say so.

We are all learning what's going to work for us in this new phase of living and healing. It's your health and always your choice.

Are cash payments still an option or is it debit & credit only now?

We will accept cash but in exact payment only. Debit and credit cards payments are preferred at this time. E-transfers work too if that’s more your style.

What if I have symptoms but they aren't COVID related, like a sneeze from allergies?

Ontario health regulations state clearly that symptoms with a known cause (like a runny nose from allergies or a sneeze) are okay. They do not get counted as a potential COVID-19 symptom.

Because the treatment room is a shared space, however, we are being very mindful of how to maintain the peacefulness of the room and ensure that everyone feels as safe during their treatments. Please email or call us if you’d like to come in but are concerned over a certain symptom, and we can troubleshoot together.

Are your practitioners fully vaccinated?

Rachel, OCA's owner and solo practitioner, is fully vaccinated and committed to receiving boosters as directed by public health officials.

Do I need proof of vaccination to come for acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one of the many regulated health professions overseen by the Ontario Ministry of Health. As of September 2021, regulated health professionals continue to provide care to all community members regardless of vaccine status. Indoor masking and symptom screening questions remain in full affect to decrease transmission as well as cleaning protocols (all set by the Ministry of Health back in spring of 2020). Fully vaccinated patients are required to answer 3 screening questions while folks not fully vaccinated are asked 5 screening questions. No proof of vaccination is required, however, is required to get acupuncture care at OCA.