Our Studio


We are dedicated to making acupuncture an affordable & accessible part of our community's lives. In order to do that, we run things a bit differently.

Our Studio

We Use a Shared Treatment Room

We treat our patients in a shared room, fully clothed, in reclining chairs. We do this so we can treat more people efficiently, the key to making our affordable rates possible.  The room is kept AQAP - as quiet as possible - both practitioners and patients helping maintain the serenity of the room. Get ready to whisper! Clothing is not removed in the treatment room. Pants and sleeves are simply rolled to a comfortable level at the knee and elbow. 

Wondering how we do acupuncture properly without needling into, say, the back? It's a great question. Hop over to the FAQ to read how.

We Use a Sliding-Scale 

The marvellous heart of the affordable acupuncture movement, OCA is delighted to offer a sliding-scale payment system to its clients. Sliding-scales in health care settings truly open doors for people to receive care. They invite us to stop for a moment and think about our financial resources and to consider what others might be experiencing. They also challenge the idea of value being set-attached to price, and we think that's kind of cool. 


You can read more about our sliding-scale here.

We Focus on Acupuncture

Acupuncture is but one branch of the Traditional Chinese Medicine tree. Herbs, moxibustion, gua sha, tuina, and diet therapy are the other aspects of this unbelievably rich medicine. At OCA, we just focus on acupuncture as our offering of care.