Our Studio


We are dedicated to making acupuncture as affordable as possible. In order to do that, our studio runs a bit differently. We treat multiple patients an hour in a quiet, shared treatment room with sessions lasting 30-45 minutes.

Our Studio

Treatment Fees

Affordability is the name of our acupuncture game. By lowering the financial barrier to treatment, more people can access acupuncture and the benefits it offers.


We choose to offer a sliding-scale to respond to the simple reality that money is not a fixed entity in our lives. We all earn different amounts of it at different times and different stages. The sliding scale enables patients to pay what they can afford on any given day.


Acupuncture may be ancient, but it isn't magic. Like any medicine, a course of treatment is required. Our affordable rates allow people to come in regularly and/or frequently so they can get better.

To read more about our sliding-scale, check out our FAQ

Treatment Space

In our practice, patients are treated in a shared room, fully clothed, in reclining chairs. We do this to treat more people efficiently, making our affordable rates possible. 


The room is kept AQAP - as quiet as possible - both practitioners and patients helping maintain the serenity of the room. Clothing is not removed in the treatment room. Pants and sleeves are simply rolled to a comfortable level at the knee and elbow.

Wondering how we do acupuncture properly without needling into, say, the back? It's a great question. Hop over to the FAQ to read how.

Focused Intakes

In community acupuncture, new patient intakes and follow-up consults are very concise, taking place in your recliner in the treatment room. Patients are guided to focus on their primary health concerns.


Our practitioners skillfully collect the information needed to make a diagnosis and treatment plan, asking the necessary follow-up questions. Traditional Chinese Medicine tongue and pulse diagnosis are also used to help the practitioner understand your symptoms.