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Your First Visit

It's nice to have a bit of a run-down when trying something new.

Here's a glance at what to expect on your first visit with us.



Welcome!  When arriving at reception, do not be alarmed if, in fact, there is no receptionist. It’s totally normal. Here's what you do:

We suggest arriving 15 minutes early to get the form done in time for your appointment.

If it's wintery or wet aside, please stash your outdoor shoes and grab some rubber crocs available at reception. Footwear in the clinic is required.

When done your paperwork, signal to the practitioner with a wave that you are ready. They might be with another patient, so please catch their eye when they have finished.

Getting Settled


The practitioner will show you to the treatment room and direct you to a chair. We suggest using the washroom before your treatment starts so you can relax more fully.


While getting comfy in the recliner, roll up your sleeves and pant legs to a level that feels okay for you. To the elbow and the knee is our preference as this helps us fully access the slate of acupuncture points, but your comfort is priority. 

Each recliner has some nearby shelf-space for your personal belongings. Settle in and take some nice relaxing breaths. It's almost acu-nap time.

Intake & Treatment


The acupuncturist will arrive at your side to go over your health history and consent forms.


The intake is very concise, our practitioners honing in on the information needed to move forward with the treatment. We may also check your pulse and tongue - two types of Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis.

 All acupuncture needles are sterile and single-use. Acupuncture points are swabbed with alcohol before insertion.

The practitioner will use, on average, 10-18 needles per treatment, but we will happily start with less if you prefer. Just give us the word!


And then? You rest! Treatments are 45 minutes in length but can be shorter if desired.

Needle Removal & Payment


The practitioner returns to remove your needles, answer any questions, and to give you a treatment plan.


Treatment plans vary based on the intensity of the issue and how long you've had it for. They are usually daily, bi-weekly or weekly and then taper down as the symptoms improve.

Payments are made post-treatment by interac, credit card, cash, or cheque. We use Square, and they take most tap/chip cards.


When getting up, leave the chair as it is. Our practitioners must inspect and reset it for the next patient.

Enjoy the Aftermath


Acupuncture often leaves us relaxed and/or energetically a-buzz. Enjoy it!


There are no medical warnings of what you can/can't do after an acupuncture treatment. The general advice is to hydrate well and take it a bit easier for 1-2 hours.

Book your follow-up appointment online or by phone at your next convenience. You can also walk in if you prefer. 

Thanks for coming to visit us. We look forward to seeing you back in the chair!




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