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Water Drops

The MELT Method®

Learn to manage chronic pain & tension, rehydrate your fascia, enhance whole body stability, and restore your nervous system.

Dehydrated fascia causes chronic pain, inflammation, and neurological imbalances


All humans experience fascial dehydration due to the repetitive motions and habitual postures of our lives


Regular  & gentle care of our fascia is key to keeping our bodies

pain-free & funtioning optimally



Connective tissue (scientifically known as fascia) is the fluid-based and neurologically-dense matter that surrounds literally every aspect of our anatomical landscape. Our joints our embedded in it, our muscles are held and interwoven by it, our organs are suspended in it.


Previously pitched aside in the study of anatomy, fascia is now at the forefront of chronic pain management research. What’s coming to light is that the health, stability, and functionality of our muscles and joints rely heavily on this connective tissue infrastructure.


Connective tissue is also filled with sensory nerves and contributes to our balance, muscular responsiveness, and adaptability. Not only does these sensory nerves help with our stability and mechanics, they also indicate a link with our autonomic nervous system – the automatic regulator that aids in our internal processes like sleep and digestion and stress management.


Whether you have chronic pain, feel constant tension or stiffness, want to increase your health span and age optimally, are recuperating after a surgery or injury, or stress is straining your body’s functional processes, the MELT Method® empowers and enables you to make positive changes in your body. Just you, a soft ball and roller, and some time. 

In a 1:1 MELT Method® session, you will learn a variety of moves and techniques using specially-designed soft balls and rollers,

a program put together just for you.

You will leave each lesson with skills to help manage your symptoms, practicing at home on our borrowed equipment. 

Be in touch to book or for more information.

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